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                    Hello, welcome to Wuxi Bass Wood Industry.,LTD the official website!


                    ABOUT US

                    About Us

                    Wuxi Bass Wood Industry CO., LTD located in Xinwu District of Wuxi City, is a professional trading company selling various types of flooring and accessories whose sales team has over 10 years of professional experience. Combined with the actual situation of the factory, flooring products are customized based on customers' requirements, in strict accordance with customers' process requirements for production and processing, and technical advice and third party inspection services are provided on complementary products for customers. In addition, the company has long-term cooperation with manufacturers producing solid timber flooring, floating flooring, …

                    MORE +

                    COMPANY NEWS


                    NEWS CENTER


                    PRODUCTS SHOW


                    CONTACT US



                    Mobile phone:86-18915326215

                    Contact:Mr. Gong

                    E-mail:[email protected]

                    Address:No.915, Building9, Shengang Duhui Plaza, 299 Fangcheng Ave, Xinwu District, Wuxi City, Jiangsu Province, China
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